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Top Tips To Find A Used Car in New Zealand

Buying a used car will save you thousands of dollars on the price of a new vehicle. To make sure you get the best value for money you need to find a reliable second hand car dealer you can trust, preferably one recommended by friends or family, and one that is in your local area so you can personally inspect the vehicles. You can spend hours walking around used car lots or save time by looking online first to see what used cars are in your price range. Buying from a used car dealerships will also ensure you get a mechanical warranty and guarantee on your purchase.

Many sales yards offer a find your car option, where they will keep a look out for your desired vehicle and if they are a national company they may even be able to transfer vehicles between yards - for a fee of course! Auction yards are one way to pick up a bargain used car, just make sure you do all the suggested checks on the vehicles history and maintenance. A huge number of vehicles are listed daily on the online auction site Trade Me, with listings from private sellers and used car businesses.

Here are 5 top tips to buying a used car in New Zealand: 

1. General Inspection

2. Test drive

3. Mechanical Inspection

4. Paperwork

5. Finance

The first thing to do is perform a general inspection which is best performed on a sunny day when the sun can highlight any bodywork defects. Check the paintwork and looks for signs of rust; a recent paint job could be hiding flaws! Check the shock absorbers, tyres, panels and exhaust. Move to the interior and check the dashboard indicators, seats and safety belts and look for evidence of leaks.

You should definitely test drive any vehicle you are considering buying and drive a variety of speeds and include hills if possible. Make sure you are covered by insurance for a test drive in the unfortunate event of an accident. A mechanical inspection is best performed by a qualified mechanic, rather than your best mate, unless of course they are qualified!

Every vehicle sold via a dealer in New Zealand must have a valid WOF (Warrant Of Fitness) and those sold privately are recommended to have one less than a month old; although you can buy 'as is where is' as long as you give seller a note in writing stating you will be driving straight to a WOF centre.

Be wary when buying privately about potential debts owed on the vehicle as your car could be repossessed after the sale if there were outstanding debts on it. Ensure you sight valid ownership papers and transfer ownership using the correct form - buyer pays fee. Many used car dealers have on-site finance options to save you time.

Top Tip: The older and cheaper a car the more likely it is to have problems, especially if the vehicle has done more than 100,000km.

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